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David L. Way, DDS, MS

As an orthodontist focused on your long-term health, Dr. Way believes that orthodontics should be about more than just beautiful smiles—it should be about building a foundation of function and stability. Let Dr. Way help you achieve a beautiful smile and the best opportunity to keep it that way.


Welcome to the practice ofDavid L. Way, DDS, MS

At the Fort Collins orthodontic practice of doctors Benjamin Campbell DDS & David L. Way, DDS, MS, we believe that orthodontics has to do with your overall health as well as aesthetics. Since 1989, Dr. Way AND now Dr. Campbell and our team have earned a reputation in our community for the high level of comprehensive orthodontics care we offer and the level of expertise at which it is provided. Our goal is always to create long-term oral health and lasting smiles.

We make your experience in our office outstanding with your first contact with our office: our staff. We have an exceptional team that treats our patients like family and best friends.

We understand that you are unique, with a special set of orthodontic needs; thus, a customized diagnosis and treatment plan is crucial. Ideally, your personalized treatment plan will result in properly positioned jaw joints and beautifully aligned teeth that fit in harmony and promote healthy gum and bone tissues. Proper planning can yield shortened treatment times, better results, and greater post-treatment stability.

To address these needs, we offer:

Your first step in achieving the smile of your dreams is to schedule a complimentary consultation at our Fort Collins orthodontic office. During this initial exam, we will use 3D CBCT and intraoral scanning to get a thorough picture of your teeth, mouth, and facial structure, as well as a clinical examination. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our family of patients. 


TMJ/TMD Specialist

At the orthodontic practice of Dr. Way, you can receive the advantage and benefits of the most comprehensive and rewarding orthodontic treatments, including TMJ and TMD treatment. With the goal of helping you achieve total health and wellness, our TMJ/TMD therapy can help put an end to pain and discomfort.


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