If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Both of our girls went to Dr. Way!! It was a pleasant experience, and they both have beautifully straight teeth as 20-somethings! Dr. Way was/is kind and thorough, and the girls were never scared of him or his staff. We appreciated how he kept us parents in the loop. The office is cozy and inviting, too. :)”
— Marjean S.

“Our experience with Dr. Way and his office has been phenomenal. From the warm greeting when we enter the door to the hot coffee that is always waiting, stepping into the office feels like we are visiting old friends. Our children love all of the technicians because they take the time to explain everything to them, answer all of their questions, and because they make their visits fun. We are constantly amazed at Dr. Way’s level of expertise and the kind way he interacts with our children. All of our questions are answered at each appointment and we leave knowing exactly what our next steps will be. We cannot imagine trusting our children’s smiles to anyone else.”
— Jon and April E.

“Dr. Way did braces for me, and expanded my daughter’s airway significantly via the use of an expander. As an adult with a small airway and sleep apnea, I was thrilled that my daughter may never need CPAP or suffer sleep disturbances. Dr. Way’s 3D imaging equipment is cutting edge, and without it, accurate measurement of my daughter’s airway would not have been possible. My own experience as an adult with braces has been excellent. Great results! And it is such a pleasure to go to the office that I actually look forward to it. I think what has impressed me most is the focus on extensive and accurate diagnosis. The excellent planning and care that follows is unique in itself, but the emphasis on fully understanding what needs to be done guarantees the very best result.”
— Dexter “Kim” K.

“Dr. Way and his staff exceeded my expectations every step of the way, from my phone call to set up my initial appointment all the way through the post-appointment in answering my questions promptly and with the level of detail I needed. Dr. Way and Marla’s quality of attention, focused presence, and ability to deeply listen to and warmly address my questions and concerns were superb. I rank them as among the best medical practitioners I have ever interacted with, both personally and professionally (as a health practitioner myself). I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Way and his staff if you are seeking orthodontic services.”
— Simla

“Everything done in this office is very professional. I knew exactly what had to be done, the basic time scaled, and the price before treatment started. The dental and office staff is fantastic. They know their job, do it well, and have a sense of humor (if you do), which I enjoyed very much. My teeth were a mess, but are now correctly oriented so I’m not ashamed to smile now.”
— Roy C.

“From the time I walked in the door of Dr. Way’s office, I felt welcome. My initial exam was very thorough. Dr. Way explained all of my treatment options, the pros and cons, the expected duration, and the cost. I walked away with enough information to make an intelligent and informed decision. The degree of professionalism is outstanding. Then again, this is no surprise for me. My daughter is a patient of Dr. Way, so I am used to this level of service. I’ll be scheduling an appointment for my own treatment plan very soon and am excited to see my results.”
— Jody H.

“Today there are not many businesses that provide a high level of customer service AND expert care. Dr. Way and his staff have managed to provide both and provide them at a level far above anyone else in the business. Dr. Way himself continues to research and learn, which enables him to bring his patients the best possible care. What is more impressive is the fact that he is willing to share this knowledge not only with his patients but also with his staff and peers. This alone sets him apart from others in his field. His staff simply ‘gets customer service.’ They anticipate all scenarios and are prepared for anything. They take the necessary time to explain and follow up on every visit. When you are in the office for your appointment, the staff provides you with their undivided attention at that time. For patients that travel from out of town, they are willing to accommodate that distance. I know without a doubt, that our family is getting the best possible treatment for not only healthy teeth but for the overall health that comes from good alignment. For this, our family is grateful. Thank you!”
— Michaela

“Awesome practice! Always aware of what’s going on when you get there and when you leave. Very informative and very thorough, when asked a question or explaining procedures. Kudos! (WAY worth the drive!)”
— Lilian

“We travel from Laramie to get our orthodontia done at Dr. Way’s office. He is honest and straightforward with us on treatment options and timelines. His staff is outstanding; everyone is friendly and makes you feel as if you are their most important patient. They always support the kids in their efforts, asking how they have done with their various groups, projects, sports, etc. and support the fundraisers when possible. Our time in braces has been quicker than other people we know who had similar orthodontic needs. We feel as though we are getting the best orthodontics in the region!!!”
— Talena N.

“I am a middle-aged adult with a complex jaw problem. I had five surgeries on my TMJ joint but had continuing pain and headaches. Two years ago, I came to David Way’s practice and am now in the later stages of treatment. I appreciate that when I have an opinion or question I am heard and get an answer. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Way has been flexible and has changed direction when necessary. I am very pleased with the entire staff and how well my treatment is going.”
— Rose

“Dr. Way’s office is a refreshing experience in that they treat you like they care, the front office staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and important, and both Dr. Way and his assistant spend lots of time explaining what they are doing and why and take time to answer all of your questions.”
— Susan

“Since I have started seeing Dr. Way in March of 2012, my experience with him and his entire staff has been nothing but pleasant and positive! Dr. Way and his team are 100% professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Everyone I have spoken with about their treatment with Dr. Way has been what I have found myself. He comes HIGHLY recommended from many many people including me! Thank you, Dr. Way, and all of your staff for such a positive experience.”
— DeeAnn

“It may be a long road to get back to where you need to be, but Dr. Way will help you and your pain will disappear. I had jaw issues for years, and migraines, but now I rarely have a migraine and that is probably due to having braces at the moment. I am excited to be totally finished with my mouth problems, and I believe I have discovered an expert in Dr. Way.”
— Terena

“We have always appreciated that Dr. Way consults with us at every visit and is almost always on time. I know Dr. Way’s time is valuable and I appreciate that he treats me as though my time is also valuable. My kids know within a ten- to 15-minute time frame when they will make it back to school when their appointments are during school hours.”
— Daniel

“Dr. Way and his entire team provide excellent dental care with impeccable professionalism. I was impressed with Dr. Way’s current and expanding knowledge in orthodontics during my first meeting with him; my respect for his breadth and depth of expertise has only continued to grow. Equally important, Dr. Way’s caring disposition represents who he is as a person, which manifests itself in his successful practice, toward his loyal employees, and with his many satisfied patients. Dr. Way is unique in that not only is he a highly skilled and talented doctor, he is also a genuinely good person who cares equally for each patient in reaching their individual orthodontic goals. At each of my appointments, I am somehow made to feel as though I’m the most important patient in the office that day; yet I am sure everyone experiences their appointments as I do. If you want cutting-edge orthodontic work from a professional that exudes care, kindness, and individual attention toward each of his patients, I am pleased to let you know you have found that individual when you select Dr. Way for your orthodontic needs.”
— Doug                 

“Our daughter started with Dr. Way when she was seven years old. By following his treatment recommendations, she now has a beautiful, healthy smile that she shows off to everyone. Thank you, Dr. Way and staff, for recommending and beginning early treatment for better and less intrusive long-term results.”
— Aishlin

“Dr. Way’s office is an amazing place to have treatment done. They are always smiling and happily provide information and answer questions from the reception desk all the way to Dr. Way himself. I am glad we were referred here for our orthodontic needs.”
— Ashleigh

“I have had a great experience while being a patient here. The staff is really friendly and willing to work with you to make appointments and adjustments. I have information provided about what’s going on and my questions answered whenever I want to know more. I feel like I’m getting a personalized treatment at a professional level every time I walk in the door.”
— Zakarry

“I look forward to going to the orthodontist! Dr. Way is a gentle, sweet doctor with great chairside manners and a sense of humor. The rest of the staff is friendly and fun, and I really enjoy chatting with them. My treatment has been easy, painless, and successful in less time than estimated. Thanks, everyone!”
— Kristin

“I have used another orthodontist for my oldest three children for 12 years. For my fourth child, we switched to Dr. Way. I am so sad I didn’t start with him in the first place with my other kids. His is far and away better than what my other kids went through!”
— Brook

“Dr. Way and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. He’s not only concerned about perfect teeth, but jaw structure and nasal passage. We have had an amazing experience here and all the people we referred to him loved him as well. You won’t be disappointed!”
— Courtney

“Our child is just six and we were very nervous about the orthodontist. When we arrived, the staff was excellent and the atmosphere allowed her to relax. As she went through the initial screening, they made her feel very special and comfortable. They let her take her teddy bear with her to ease her nerves and included the whole family on the explanation. They showed her what to expect when she goes to her next appointment and helped her understand what was going on. They really eased our nerves as well as hers. The staff was great and helping her to relax makes a huge difference in setting the tone for positive appointments in the future.”
— K.

“Dr. Way and his staff are courteous, professional, and engaging. The investment in technology, keeping appointment schedules, follow-ups with email, and overall service are outstanding.”
— S.D.

“I strongly recommend Dr. Way for orthodontic consultations. He provides a very thorough, comprehensive exam of orthodontic needs without any pressure to follow through if you do not feel it is what you are looking for at the time. He has treated three of my family members and they have all been pleased with the service they have received through his office.”
— Jennifer

“Dr. Way is always so patient and informative. I have an introverted child, but he always attempts to draw her out and I appreciate that. The front desk gals are exceptional: organized, helpful, and personable.”
— Lea

“When we were planning a move to Fort Collins, I asked our previous orthodontist for a recommendation in the area as we still had one child to go. His response was, ‘Hands down, go to Dr. Way.’ From our first visit, I feel we have been treated with the utmost care. His equipment is state of the art, and the scope of care far exceeds anything I have experienced in the past. I wish all my kids had been treated by Dr. Way.”
— Kelly

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