What Sets Us Apart

When You Want it Perfect, Go to Dr. Way

Granted, orthodontics can and should create beautiful smiles, but for these smiles to last, your orthodontist should be equally concerned about your long-term health. If the beautiful smile is not created on a solid foundation of healthy jaw joints, healthy gum and bone support, and good airways, the beautiful smile may be fleeting.

We evaluate all of the above in great detail as can only be accomplished with 3D Cone Beam imaging and the skill to utilize this diagnostic information. All of our treatment recommendations are based on the most accurate diagnostic information obtainable today. We plan every case to have the healthiest and best functioning jaw joints coordinated with the best functioning “bites.”

All of this must be accomplished while placing the roots of each tooth in the middle of the bony trough. In only this way can each patient have the very best opportunity for not only a beautiful smile but also one that is the healthiest and most stable for all the years to come.

We confirm all of the above prior to the completion of treatment so you can be assured of the very best treatment results. We love beautiful smiles, but a beautiful smile that is not built on the very best foundation will be shortlived. Let us help you achieve that beautiful smile and the best opportunity for long-term oral health.

Demand the Best

Dr. Way has worked closely with other orthodontic providers on product development for the past 12 years. This keeps our office’s products and services at the forefront of orthodontic practices everywhere. Whether or not a product is so-called “designer labeled,” if it does not fit our criteria of excellence, then we pass. Our interest is in strictly providing the very best care, and our focus is on long-term oral health.


  • We offer small metal brackets and clear brackets.
  • We offer low-exposure 3D digital imaging.
  • We are especially capable in general orthodontic cases for children and teens.
  • We serve patients throughout Northern Colorado, including Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, as well as Wyoming and Nebraska.
  • We work around your schedule. We have early morning hours and are open late one night each week.
  • We offer a complimentary comprehensive consultation.

Comprehensive Consultations

Our office provides 90-minute comprehensive consultations. During your consultation, we will use a 3D scanner to get a full picture of your mouth, take intraoral photos, and measure your airways. Dr. Way will complete a full exam and go over the results with you. He will then create an individualized treatment report.

Our Patients Are Family

We want you to feel comfortable, cared about, and at home in our office. As family, we want you to have confidence not only in our technical skills but also our desire to treat the whole person.

This means we will take time to answer all questions, and we will provide the highest quality of treatment. Finally, we will prepare you to take care of your teeth. We do not simply straighten teeth; we train you to keep them in top-notch shape for the rest of your life.

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